Known as the “Gentleman Milliner,” James Keith was born and raised in the small, tradition-steeped southern town of Riegelwood, North Carolina. Hats were a part of James’ life for as far back as he can remember - a true gentleman never left home without a finely crafted fedora, and on Sundays, women broke free from their uniforms and embraced their individuality by donning elaborately adorned hats. Over the years James’ affinity for the strong values and traditions of his hometown, morphed into his love of design and style.

In 2016, James set out to create his own line of quality hats that would serve as a modern symbol of the cornerstones of his heritage: strength, unity, and love. The result was a stylish and chic fedora, mixing classic lines and silhouettes with modern materials and colors. It became immediately clear that James had created something special. He quickly formed a new company by the name of Keith James, placing his family name ahead of his own - further demonstrating the importance of core family values and that, no matter what, family always comes first.  An instant success with major retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, the initial collection featured three fedora styles for both men and women in a variety of bold colors and boasting the Keith James signature red underbrim. Each hat also includes the iconic “Circle of Love” red logo in the form of a brilliant red button meant to symbolize unity and love.

James’ statement-making brand has quickly and organically become a favorite of many celebrities and public figures and is fast becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the luxury accessories industry.

Contact Information
Email: info@keithandjames.com
Phone: ‭984-200-6093